Student Artwork 2016

Art for Animals
students created art of their pets 

6th Grade 1 point perspective rooms

6th Grade Symmetrical Self-Portraits

6th Grade Radial Symmetry

6th Grade Watercolor and Oil Pastel Landscapes

7th Grade 2 point perspective words

7th Grade Paper Mache
7th Grade Half face Celebrity Portraits 

7th Grade Complementary Color Graffiti Words 
7th Grade Mixed Media Still Life

7th Grade Spirit Animals
7th Grade Design Tube Sculptures

Studio Art Bright Colored Animal Paintings
8th Grade Wayne Thiebaud Dessert Paintings

High school studio art fun with printmaking.

High School Studio Art - Pottery

Studio Art Construction Paper with Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows

Studio Art - Art Careers Poster
Studio Art Fairy Houses

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