An illustrator is an artist who specializes in enhancing writing by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea. The illustration may be intended to clarify complicated concepts or objects that are difficult to describe textually, which is the reason illustrations are often found in children's books.[1]

Illustrations have been used in advertisements, architectural rendering, greeting cards, posters, books, graphic novels, storyboards, manuals, business, magazines, shirts greeting cards, video games and newspapers (comics section, or political cartoons) etc..

See some examples of Mrs. Mayville's favorite illustrators here:


  • Choose your style (realistic, cartoon, simple, etc.)
  • Choose your art materials (color pencils, Sharpie, ink & watercolor, collage, computer, mixed media)
  • How are you going to use the page? (borders, circle, 2 page spread)
  • Practice, practice, practice sketches then final
  • Look at books, find inspiration, and figure out what style you like and want to try to do for your story.

Websites that share well known illustrators:

Some of my favorite illustrators:

willy wonka quentin blake

How do you stop the ink running when you add watercolour?ink

“I use waterproof ink: a brand called 'Higgins Black Magic'.  Then I can add the watercolour afterwards without the lines getting smudged.  Sometimes I use ordinary, non-waterproof inks, perhaps because they come in different colours, or because I'd like the line to be a bit blurry.”
Barbara Cooney



Jim Davis

My brother’s favorite:

Calvin and Hobbes

Creator: Bill Watterson

Some Comic Book Illustrators:
Phil Hester

Jim Lee

Neal Adams

Darwin Cook

More Comic Book illustrators: Jack Kirby, Alex Ross, David Aja, Frank Miller.

Robideau/Lamitie-King Exhibit

Opening reception and awards at the Wead Library featuring Middle and High School Juried Exhibit. Celebrating it’s 17th year this Foothills ARTSociety sponsored Robideau/Lamitie-King Exhibit will showcase the talents of Middle and High School students from 6 area schools. The schools participating this year are Brushton-Moira, Chateaugay, Franklin Academy, Holy Family, Malone Middle School and Salmon River. 

17th Annual Robideau/Lamitie-King Exhibit Award Winners

The Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony for the Robideau/Lamitie-King Juried Exhibit for Middle and High School students from 6 area schools took place on Saturday at the Wead Library. This annual event, in memory of Norbert Robideau and in honor of Karen Lamitie-King, has been sponsored by Foothills ARTSociety for the past 17 years.  Juror for the exhibit was Elaine Taylor, a professional artist who teaches at NCCC in Saranac Lake and in Malone. Elaine earned her MA and MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her current work includes large scale installations and playful sculptures and drawings.

Each of the student artists received a participation certificate. Students represented the following schools: Brushton-Moira, Chateaugay, Franklin Academy, Holy Family, Malone Middle School and Salmon River.  The show will remain hung at the Wead Library until April 28. In addition to student work, professional artist Geoff Cobb has several drawings and sculptures on display. Geoff was sponsored by Foothills ARTSociety and the Wead Library to be an Artist-in-Resident and facilitate a special workshop “Peas in a Pod” on Saturday. The finished sculpture was given to the library for public display.

Middle School Honorable Mention certificates and art pencils were awarded to Karennahawi Barnes for “Cake”, Kali Mayville for “Self Portrait”, Anya Derouchie-Pyke for “Anna Kendrick”, Bailey Trainer for “Untitled”, Gianna Thompson for “Wonders”, Emma Hesseltine for “Stop Hunger”, and Angela Dwyer for “Snowflake”.  The Middle School Drawing Award was presented to Chateaugay student Hunter Martin for “Camilla.” The MS Painting Award was presented to Malone Middle School student Caroline Robinson for “Selfie”. The recipient of the MS Sculpture Award was Trystan Bolster from Malone Middle School for “Nevelson.” Receiving the MS Mixed Media Award was Samantha Clookey for “In The Flowers.” Honorable Mention  winners were presented with certificates and art pencils. Award winners were presented with certificates as well as sketchbooks and an art pencil set.

High School Honorable Mention Certificates were awarded to Daniel Thompson for “Eagle”, Peyton Cook for “SK8- Hi Pro”, Victoria Hanna for “Apple Blossoms”, Kassy Tough for “Owl Eye”, Chance Stansbury for “Clepto”, Libbie Tarbell for “The Dancing Dot”, Liam Smyth for “Untitled”, Tiarra Anderson for “Mocs” and Breanna Sherron for “Dinner and Dessert”.  In addition to certificates each HM student was presented with art pencils. The HS Drawing Award was presented to Salmon River student Lauren Martin for “Shades of Youth”. Chateaugay student Elara Martin received the HS Painting Award for “Fancy Flowers”. The HS Sculpture Award recipient was Brushton-Moira student Kalyn Middeker for “Kandinsky Transformation”.  The HS Mixed Media Award winner was Salmon River student Camryn Buckshot for “Earth Basket.” Each Award winner was presented with a certificate as well as an inscribed wooden plaque with a photograph of their winning entry.

Also announced at Saturday’s reception was the recipient of the Foothills ARTSociety’s annual scholarship. Foothills Art Society Board members, Melissa Benardot and Barry Armstrong presented the Foothills Scholarship to FA Senior Kamden Spicer.  Kamden has been accepted in the TV-Video Production department at SUNY Plattsburgh. Kamden states that “Although his primary collegiate goal is to acquire the knowledge and skills upon which he can build a successful career, he is also looking forward to learning about advanced techniques and resources which will provide him with new ideas for expressing himself though the art of video production.”

At the end of the reception an acrylic painting , donated by professional artist, Arnie Sauther, was raffled off.  The winner of “Floating Flowers” was Rick Auger. Foothills ARTSociety would like to thank the Wead Library for hosting this show again this year and everyone who helped to make this annual exhibit a success again this year.  The exhibit will remain hung for viewing until Saturday, April 28th.

Kindness & Anti-bullying Links

Suicide Awareness & Prevention:

Houston Kraft is a professional speaker, leadership consultant, and kindness advocate who speaks to middle schools, high schools, colleges, and businesses across the country.

Perspectacles from Houston Kraft on Vimeo.

Relaxing Mindful Sound Recordings that bring you through 5-10 minute guided meditation:


Little Monkey Calms Down (my daughter loves this book and the series)
Book by Michael Dahl Illustrator: Oriol Vidal Pastor

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