Studio Art Street Art

Day 1 and Day 2:
What this video:

Then watch this video: 

Look at his art:!/genre/public_projects 

Read his bio:

Play with his coloring book:

Play with this program and print out your final word in color

Play on this website and make graffiti art

Look at this Mural art in Hawaii:

Day 3:
Use printer paper and sketch out a mural idea inspired by what you did on day 1 & day 2

6th Grade & 7th Grade Color Review

6th Grade & 7th Grade
Color Review

Objectives: To know the primary, secondary, complementary, warm, cool, and rainbow colors.

The Elements of Art

The Color Wheel

Ok Go Primary Colors

Internet Scavenger Hunt

You must click on this link to open up the Google Document file for the Internet Scavenger Hunt lesson:

Barn Quilt Contest