Classroom Rules and Procedures


1. Listen and follow directions.
2. Raise your hand.
3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
4. Respect your classmates, your teacher and art room.

1st time a rule is broken: Warning
2nd time a rule is broken: Sit by yourself
3rd time a rule is broken: Fill out behavior form
4th time a rule is broken: Go to the office or call home or stay after

PARTICIPATION- You need to be present, on time, and participate in class during projects, assignments or worksheets; as well as discussions and PowerPoint presentations. Use class time wisely.

Below behaviors are not acceptable and a possible write up:
  • Not working in class
  • Foul Language, disruptiveness, argumentative, excessive talking, not staying in seat
  • Leaving a mess or supplies out

Respect Art Materials & Art Room Equipment
It’s expensive. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THEFT! DO NOT WASTE SUPPLIES. Destruction of school property also includes writing/drawing on desks and other art materials and/or messes left un-cleaned. Every day you are responsible for cleaning up your supplies, work area, and pushing in your chair.

RESPECT Peers and Teacher
Keep hands and feet to yourself. Do not “play” with art supplies. If you don’t have anything nice to say then keep it to yourself. Everyone should try to maintain a positive, safe, clean environment in the art room.

DAILY PROCEDURES- Arrive to class on time, get out materials and/or projects, begin working quietly.  Attendance will be taken.  Remain focused on your artwork while sitting next to peers.  You will be given 5-10 minutes cleanup depending on what art materials are being using.

DUE DATES- Everyone works at a different pace when it comes to art.  Due dates are established to ensure completion of art curriculum.  Art projects can and sometimes will be expected to be took home to work on.  If you are going above and beyond the requirements and using class time wisely this will not be a problem.  Students are responsible for asking Mrs. Mayville about make up work or making arrangements for extended time on projects when absent.