4 Different Types of Art Materials Still Life


Objectives: Students will experiment with four different materials in one project. 

After completing a line drawing of the still life, students fracture their paper into four sections. Each section will be completed using a different material 

Day 1 Introduce & vocabulary & sketch a light drawing

section 1-  Drawing the entire still-life with pencils & decide how you want to fracture and divide into 4 sections - then use drawing pencils to complete section 1 

section 2 - Your choice of - Color pencil/Collage/Pen

section 3 - Acrylic Paint

section 4 - Your choice of - Oil pastel/Crayon/ Chalk pastel (does smudge!!!)

Day 10-11 catch up day

Day 11-12 self evaluation grading rubric & Reflection & Critique

2023-2024 Photos

 2023-2024 Photos



2024 Artwork

 2023-2024 Artwork